A City Renewed: Nehemiah

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Jesus called his church to be a “city on a hill” and shine forth from its community what the broader city and cities of the world could be like if they came under the loving rule of the Lord Jesus. In line with this, our church exists to be a diverse and loving community of God’s people in Eastwood, Sydney, and our mission is to present all people in Eastwood mature in Christ. That is, we wish to see our city of Eastwood renewed by the good news of Jesus. But we are not there yet! Eastwood and Sydney still needs to hear the good news of Jesus and be transformed by it. What can encourage us to keep on mission?

The book of Nehemiah, written 450 years before Jesus, picks up on this same theme of “A City Renewed”, applying it to the ancient city of Jerusalem (the city of God). It had been all but destroyed, but under God’s good grace, Nehemiah was compelled to rebuild it so it would take up its role once again as the place where God’s glory would shine forth to a dark world. We will be studying this book on over the next 3 months and we will be challenged as God’s people today to truly be a new city on a hill that under God’s grace will see our larger city and world renewed. Why don’t you join us?




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