Cafe Church: Which Way

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Cafe Church is a relaxed and informal gathering (about 2-3 times a year), in our church hall, around coffee tables and delicious food and drink. There is no congregational singing or praying but is an opportunity for people unfamiliar with church to come and engage with a thought provoking and relevant topic.

Our next Cafe Church will be held on Sunday November 9 from 6:30pm.  Our theme is ‘Which Way?”,  and we will focus on how we make decisions in life, with particular focus on some of the really big decisions, like “what job should I do?”, “where should I live?”, and “who should I marry?”. But there is an even bigger decision we will all need to make at some point in life and that is, “should I be a Christian and follow Jesus?”. We will also spend some time thinking about that as well.

We look forward to seeing you at Cafe Church: Which Way, 6:30pm, November 9!

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