The Kingdom of God: Mark

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Starting this Sunday and going through to Easter, is our new sermon series in the English congregations called, “The Kingdom of God”. We will be working our way through one of the biographies of Jesus (Mark’s gospel) and answering some of the biggest questions in life, “Who is God?”, “What is he like?”, “What is the Kingdom of God like?” “How do I get there?”, “What difference will it make to my life being a Christian?”. This series will be a great for you if you are keen to investigate the biblical claims of Christianity, new to the Christian faith, and even if you have been a Christian for a long while. If you are the latter, then this series is a particularly great opportunity for you to invite a friend along to church to hear the good news of Jesus. Services are at 7:30am (Traditional Anglican Service); 9:00am (Family Service), and 6:30pm (Modern Service for Youth, Young Adults, and the Young at Heart!).

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