For Such a Time as This: Esther Sermon Series

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Over the next few weeks we will be looking at the book of Esther in our Sunday evening service. Esther is a wonderful story that has it all: court intrigue, tears and sorrow, joy and celebration – and a line up of colourful characters! We have the wicked Haman; a king who is out for a good time, the esteemed Mordecai, and the proud Vashti. But the star of the story is the beautiful Esther, an orphan girl who becomes Queen and risks her life to save her people.

Join us Sunday nights at 6:30pm as we discover what this story teaches us about the difficult choices that often face God’s people and how the unseen hand of God’s providence is at work guiding our world and our lives towards the fulfilment of his glorious plan.

If you would like to do some extra study, please find attached a bible study guide, which you (or your growth group) can use to compliment the sermon series.

Esther Study Guide – For Such a Time as This

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