Love Song: Song of Songs

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The Song of Songs is a unique book of the bible. It’s explicit language has certainly caused many to blush or giggle as it is read. Some may have grown up with the joke that Song of Songs is the “sealed section” of the Bible, a book only to read when you are over 18! Yes it has lyrics about “tasting” and “touching”, but it is not crude (unlike much of contemporary Top 40 music!). It is THE LOVE SONG OF LOVE SONGS presenting to us a vision of what genuine human love and intimacy can look like, against the backdrop of a world which has gone so far awry in this arena.

Join us at our Sunday Night Church (6:30pm) over the next 8 weeks as we dive into this beautiful song. Our hope for this series is that we can move beyond the giggles and see that Song of Songs has much to communicate to us about the nature and focus of genuine love, a love flowing from the very heart of God.

Download a study guide here.

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