A Community Renewed: Ezra


Over 4 weeks we explore the book of Ezra in all our English services (8am, 9:30am, and 6:30pm).

The basic theme of Ezra is, “A Community Renewed“. It is set after 538BC when the Jews returned from exile in Babylon to the promised land. It is about the renewal of the temple and the spiritual, moral, and social renewal of the people of God. This did not come without problems, both externally and internally. Ezra (along with Nehemiah) recount some of these struggles. However, through it all, God’s faithfulness and sovereignty is abundantly clear.

Our prayer is that through this time in Ezra we will all be spiritually renewed. Our hope is that you will be amazed again by the power and faithfulness of our great God and grow to become more mature disciples of his Son, who brings ultimate renewal. We hope that this will express itself in greater security in our identity as the people of God, and sincerity in living that out, to the glory of God.

Bible Study Guide:

Click here to download the Ezra Bible Study Guide

18th September, 2016

Ezra 1:1-122, 3:1-13 “A nation returned”

Rev. Mike Smith

25th September, 2016

Ezra 4:1-24, 5:1-17 “A nation resolved”

Rev. Mike Smith

2nd October, 2016

Ezra 7:8-28, 9:1-15 “A nation rebuked”

Rev. Mike SMith

9th October, 2016

Ezra 10:1-17 “A nation repented”

Rev. Mike Smith